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Posted by: SirLamer
Date posted: 01/09/2016 20:37
Title: Server stability

We are aware of a server stability issue. If you come back and find the site unresponsive, beware that we are working on it. That said, restarting the server sets it back to normal for quite awhile. So it's one of those things.

A server move was planned to occur in the near-term, so this may be used as a reason to move the schedule up on that.

Thanks for your patience.
Posted by: SirLamer
Date posted: 14/09/2015 18:34
Title: Torrent tracker is running

The torrent tracker is back up and running again. Due to the nature of the backups we relied on for restoration, some uploads from June are lost. Those who posted them are welcome to re-post if they're so inclined.

I have recently been made aware that the forum search function is not working so I will tend to that next.