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Posted by: TheBeets
Date posted: 14/05/2019 04:25
Title: MouseBits Discord Channel

Due to the issues on the forums, a Discord channel has been kindly created for us.
BEFORE REGISTERING, please make sure to  read this page before joining, so you know how to create an account and how Discord works:
Thank you smile1.gif

The Discord channel link:


Discord #mousebits team
Posted by: SirLamer
Date posted: 19/03/2018 21:23
Title: Forums are back

Yesterday I fixed the forums by mistake. It was so much by mistake that I only realized that I fixed the forums today.


Thanks for being patient. In the meantime I am actively experimenting with options to move the whole site to a new more modern (and less breakable) platform. In fact, this is why the forums were accidentally fixed! No promises for the moment, and when we have a migration plan in place I will update you.