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Posted by: SirLamer
Date posted: 19/03/2018 21:23
Title: Forums are back

Yesterday I fixed the forums by mistake. It was so much by mistake that I only realized that I fixed the forums today.


Thanks for being patient. In the meantime I am actively experimenting with options to move the whole site to a new more modern (and less breakable) platform. In fact, this is why the forums were accidentally fixed! No promises for the moment, and when we have a migration plan in place I will update you.
Posted by: TheBeets
Date posted: 07/03/2018 03:38
Title: There's a Great Big Beautiful... Soon

A solution for the forums, and site in general is being worked on. The pruning of users is on hold until everything is cleared up.

Once the site is back up, I plan on saving the more important forum posts, mostly involving playlists, and creating a new section just for playlists. I also plan on deleting some of those really old and unorganized torrents, and reuploading them in a better or more organized fashion.