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Posted by: SirLamer
Date posted: 05/06/2014 06:54
Title: we're back!

Following a disastrously stupid mistake on my part that we needn't get in to, MouseBits went down for an extended period. Ironically this resulted in part because of my ongoing work to secure us a more reliable space.

Anyway... it's fixed now - except I had to resort to a backup of the website from 2014-04-16. All torrents and other content that was contributed after then is, unfortunately, lost for the moment. I am hopeful that content providers will be willing to re-post any lost material.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.
Posted by: marni1971
Date posted: 18/02/2014 19:21
Title: Shoutbox language

Guys (and galls!) can we remember this is a family site, so please mind your language in the shout box as well as elsewhere on the site? Thanks.